Will Forte Admits It – He'll Be Writing MacGruber 2 Soon

The web has been playing MacGruber tennis all week. At first, director Jorma Taccone said there was going to be sequel to his loop MacGyver spoof. Then star and co-writer Will Forte said there wasn't.

Then Forte came to his senses and clarified things somewhat. It's a numbers game, now. Here's how he put it to Crave:

I wasn't prepared to answer anything about Macgruber 2 when I was talking to everybody on Saturday. I guess the best way to put it is the probability of us writing a Macgruber 2 script in the next six months is 100%. The probability of somebody giving us money to make that script is somewhat less than 100%. We would do it if someone were to let us do it.

I'm not going to hold my breath. And, while I enjoyed the first MacGruber, at least in part, I'm not sure I'll ever watch that one again, let alone cry out for another.

Still, I wouldn't want to deny Taccone and Forte their fun:

We will definitely write a MacGruber 2 if only just to have fun. Like people who are into sports will go out and play pickup basketball. Comedy nerds will go write scripts. We actually have some ideas written down already and a couple of scenes but we've got to figure out exactly what we're going to do. We're definitely going to write it. It's just a matter of if anybody would ever let us make it."

Are you going to tell him about fan fiction self publishing or am I?