Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Addresses Themysciran Diversity Question

Following the release of a new Wonder Woman image featuring Gal Gadot as the Amazon princess flanked by Connie Nielsen as her mother Queen Hippolyta and Robin Wright and Lisa Loven Kongslias as General Antiope and Menalippe, concerns quickly rose about diversity on Paradise Island.

Director Patty Jenkins took to the Twitter to answer the concern that the island might be predominately northern European in talent make-up:

As representation becomes a greater concern, it is important for productions to address the question. And while it is easy to present a wider range of faces in a fantasy location, Themyscira's Mediterranean origins certainly support that range as well. But will these "diverse characters" have much screentime when the story switches the European locations of World War I?

It's always possible if the story takes a page from the Wonder Woman animated feature and the Amazons attack.