X-Men Clues Or Mutant Red Herrings?

If you google X-Men: First Class on a regular basis, you'll find all sorts of rubbish in ready supply. There are even torrents out there purporting to offer the film to over-keen pirates. Amid the out-and-out dreck, however, there's the odd, curious piece that just seems to have something more to it.

The web page of Grime, Hip Hop and Dubstep magazine RWD yesterday published a piece announcing the UK release date for the film. That date is 2 June, and it's in concordance with the IMDB – for whatever that's worth. But this isn't what really made the piece worth sharing. No… there were some other, odd little details.

RWD have posted what they call a cast list for the film (are we to assume that they took it from a press release that also contained the release date? They're not telling) and in the midst of old information, there were two very odd entries:

Kevin Bacon (Sleepers, Frost/Nixon) asDr. Schmidt/Sebastian Shaw


Rose Byrne (Get Him to the Greek, 28 Weeks Later) as CIA Agent Moria McTaggert

"Moria McTaggert" suggests that they weren't using cut and paste here. And what's this about a CIA agent? Can Scots even be recruited by the CIA anyway?

I've got no idea at all what this Dr. Schmidt business is either. Do you?

This information is so bizarre, so guano-crazy that I can't help but believe there might be something to it. Who'd make up this Dr. Schmidt alias?

*Not my personal attitude, obviously. Just that of those nasty intelligence agencies, real and fictionalised. And yes, I know Sean Connery was James Bond.