X-Men Viral Marketing Responds with Snail Mail

Jonathan Rich writes for BleedingCool …

On May 19th, I saw a link on Bleeding Cool about a retro-styled infomercial touting the benefits of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

It was clearly an attempt at viral marketing by 20th Century Fox in advance of X-Men: Apocalypse, but what many who viewed the site may not have realized was that the connection to the Marvel Comics property had a little more to offer.

That morning I called the 1-800 number listed at the end of the video and to my surprise it was not disconnected. Instead, a very familiar voice (who also has been known to cameo in super hero movies) thanked me for my interest and invited me to leave a message.

I did and to my surprise a week later, I received the following postcard in the mail:


Sadly, it appears my mutant power will have to develop on its own without the lessons I could have learned in Westchester, New York (they even got the fake postmark right!

Jonathan Rich is a freelance writer and educator working in the mountains of Western North Carolina. he covers pop culture for several publications and websites, including Bleeding Cool.