You Can Pre-Order A Big Plastic Head Full Of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Now

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 isn't yet in US cinemas. It's been in UK cinemas for almost two weeks and has rolled out around much of the rest of the world, and I've noticed that some Americans are not too happy about this.

Maybe it will be some kind of consolation that the Stateside special edition DVD and Blu-ray release of the movie has such completely crazy packaging.



That's right. The discs will come in Electro's head. Because.

I don't know if you've got the space for such a big ol' package, or where that space might be if you do, but if this was in my house I dare say I'd sometimes spook myself out a bit when catching it in the corner of my eye.

If you would like to make a pre-order, it's just $99.99 on Amazon. There's no release date but I'd make a guess at the first or second week of September. And that's really just a guess.