Let Your Nerd Flag Fly with DC's New Women's Suits

Fun.com, home to a variety of great, nerdy products, is expanding their repertoire with a variety of business-appropriate, geek-chic clothing for women.

This stylish collection offers up a handful of pieces that rep your nerd pride subtly enough to be appropriate in the office. Staples, such as this black, one button blazer ($39.99, on sale), offer a pop of color with hidden superheroines tucked away on the inside. Wear it with sleeves down for a smart, professional look or go bold by rolling your sleeves and revealing your DC pride.

The collection offers print with a pretty substantial cast. The likenesses of Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Supergirl, and Batgirl appear in the line in eye-catching primaries and subdued pastels. It's nice to see the ladies get a turn, as Fun.com already offers a variety of men's suits.

Batman-black isn't the only color in Fun.Com's arsenal. Also included in the women's pieces is this killer boyfriend cut blazer ($39.99, on sale) in a soft blush. It's nice to see some variety in the boring, every day slog of work clothes. Wearing this might not be as flashy as Supergirl's cape and knee-high boots, but it's sure to add an extra layer of confidence to your day. 

If you're not a blazer fan, then why not pick up a subtly nerdy pencil skirt or trousers ($24.99, on sale)? With the comic book details hidden in the lining you're less likely to reveal your secret identity while confined to your day job. The trousers offer a bright splash of characters in the waistband while the skirt is fully lined in a print of our favorite DC girls.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to add some fun to your wardrobe! You can head over to the appropriately named Fun.com and pick up these pieces now.

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