The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln Wouldn't Mind Playing "Indiana Dumbledore"

The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln Wouldn't Mind Playing "Indiana Dumbledore"
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Just imagine how much easier things would be over in The Walking Dead universe if Rick had even three years of schooling at Hogwarts and the elder wand. "All Out War" would've lasted about a whole 30 seconds — and he could've made Lucille spring to life to beat the living crap out of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), too.

Sadly, short of some inventive fan fiction, the closest The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) is going to get by trading his Colt .45 for an invisibility cloak is his current work narrating the audiobook version of Quidditch Through the Ages. Tracking the magical game's history from its initial origins to the current version played on the fields of Hogwarts, this is the first time an audiobook version will be available.

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lincoln discussed his connections to J.K. Rowling's magical universe; and here are some of the highlights:

●  Lincoln jumped at the chance to be part of Harry Potter — especially since he was starting to feel a little left out:

"Most of my actor friends at some point over the last decade have been wizards, Mudbloods, and house-elves of one sort or another, and frankly I was beginning to take it personally. So when this invitation came along, I jumped at the chance. I love the world that J.K. Rowling has created and I was especially excited about Quidditch Through the Ages because of its added association with the charities Comic Relief and Lumos"

A perennial best seller in the wizarding world and one of the most popular books in the Hogwarts School Library, Quidditch Through the Ages contains all you will ever need to know about the history, the rules – and the breaking of the rules – of the noble sport of Quidditch. Packed with fascinating facts, this definitive guide by the esteemed Quidditch writer Kennilworthy Whisp charts the game's history from its early origins in the medieval mists on Queerditch Marsh through to the modern-day sport loved by so many wizard and Muggle families around the world. With comprehensive coverage of famous Quidditch teams, the commonest fouls, the development of racing brooms, and much more, this is a must-have sporting bible for all Harry Potter fans and Quidditch lovers and players, whether the weekend amateur or the seasoned Chudley Cannons season-ticket holder.

●  Lincoln takes the Harry Potter fan base very seriously, and he thanks the San Diego Comic-Con experience for preparing him to take on the new role:

"I am well aware of the fandom and extreme feelings of devotion people across the world have for Harry Potter. I go to Comic-Con in San Diego every year, and there are armies of wizards in attendance and even the odd Golden Snitch… So yes, I took the job very seriously. I hope you have as much fun listening as I did channeling my inner witch…. Those outtakes must never see the light of day."

●  While the two franchises are righteously different, Lincoln does see one strong connection between The Walking Dead and Harry Potter fans:

"There seems to be a similar loyalty between The Walking Dead and Harry Potter fans, so it felt good to dip my toe into the wizarding world for a bit. Any story that is able to achieve such passion is down to a huge feat of imagination on the part of the writer and of course, in this case, the brilliant J.K. Rowling."

●  As for Lincoln's favorite character? Not a surprise from the man who plays Rick Grimes… but that "Raiders of the Lost Hogwarts" pitch at the end there? Hmm…

"My favorite character is Dumbledore. In between recording sessions, I was pitching in my head an origin series for Albus's early years… from his late-30s to mid-90s. Think Indiana Jones with spells set in Dickens' time… You know it makes sense."

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