Red Band Trailer For Blitz – Statham, Considine, Swear Words And Fights

Blitz was written by Nathan Parker, the screenwriter of Moon, directed by Elliott Lesser, whose Love is the Drug I have not seen, and stars Paddy Considine and Jason Statham. Between the four of them they've rounded up a whole heap of swears, smothered them in some dirty fighting and stuffed this Red Band trailer full.

IGN are calling this a "viral" trailer, which seems too much like an instruction to me. I really don't feel comfortable to see that label forced onto videos at point of publication.

It's obvious how the scrappin' and cussin' is meant to appeal to that supposedly all-important young male demographic – which makes the quick flash of a naked man in state of unexplained discomfort all the more surprising. Some clever, complicated psychological priming at work?

Probably not, eh?