VIDEO: Isaiah Mustafa Is Luke Cage In This Unexplained Trailer

I'd be prepared to bet dollars to donuts* that this 'trailer' for a Luke Cage film that doesn't exist was somehow initiated by Isaiah Mustafa himself.

If you haven't been following, Mustafa is the Old Spice man who is variously on a horse or not, but is always the man your man could smell like, and he's been quite vocal about his willingness to play Luke Cage. At the same time, Marvel Studios have been quietly beavering away on the early development of a Cage feature film and apparently did, at some point, have a chat with Mustafa.

Perhaps Mustafa was trying to prove his suitability to the role and stumped up some cash for this promo. Or maybe it's just another deep-deep-cover viral campaign for Old Spice – just look, I've mentioned them twice already.


Could they not even get him a yellow shirt?

Unfortunately, this video has left me convinced that Mustafa is not the man for this job. Maybe it's just the Old Spice baggage (that's three times now, the sneaky bastards) or maybe it's the expression on his face as he looks back at the bed from the woman in the window… there's too much of a wink in there. Too many funnies.

Anyway. In conclusion: Old Spice. Old Spicey Spice Spice Spice. Lynx. Brut. Old Spice.

Thanks to The Daily Blam for the heads up on the video.

*I really like donuts and would probably just spend my dollars on them anyway.