WWE Releases Uncut Video of New Day's Full Commentary from SmackDown Like They Should Have Done Live

On WWE SmackDown Live earlier this week, viewers who've long suffered through the torture of WWE's main commentary teams were treated to a moment of hope when The New Day came to ringside to provide commentary for the Tag Team tournament match between The Usos and The Bar.

Sure, we've learned to tolerate the mind-numbing boredom of listening to carefully controlled corporate shills shout out buzzwords and Twitter hashtags (and almost never the names of wrestling moves), but the prospect of The New Day getting their own announce table for an entire match and providing unscripted commentary which might be entertaining and provide insight on the match itself was a delightful tease. Might RAW actually be worth listening to for once?

That's why it hurt so much more when viewers realized that WWE planned to provide only glimpses of The New Day's commentary, playing their audio stream for a few seconds before quickly switching back to the regular announce team so they could work the required corporate catchphrases and brand messaging into the segment.

WWE has released three minutes of video showing New Day's uncut commentary that fans didn't get to experience while watching live. That's how they should have done it on Tuesday night. Check out the video below.

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