It's Time to Admit There Isn't a Snyder Cut of Justice League… Because There's 2 of Them

Snyderbronies, the hardcore fans of Zack Snyder's DCEU, have long remained faithful to the notion that the Snyder Cut of Justice League, a fabled version of the movie which retains Zack Snyder's Vision in its purest form, is being held hostage in a vault at Warner Bros' Burbank headquarters, but with the right amount of pressure, Warner Bros will be forced to eventually release it. Anti-Snyderbronies, on the other hand, deny that the Snyder Cut even exists, and they probably actually enjoy the version made by alleged fake feminist Joss Whedon, who replaced all of Snyder's badass Superman scenes with scenes where Cyborg says "booyah!"

What if they're both wrong?

The intriguing possibility that there isn't enough original Snyder footage to make a single Snyder Cut, but two Snyder Cuts, arose last month in the most unlikely of places: New Jersey. According to a report from comicbook-themed comic book website, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher appeared in the Garden State at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, and there he revealed that Zack Snyder shot so much footage, he could make two movies!

We're not finished just yet, so I don't know how specific the 'end result' is.But what I will say is Zack had very specific plans for Cyborg, and for his trajectory. And Zack probably shot enough footage in the first film to make like two movies out of. He definitely had a whole, I believe, a trilogy in mind, with respect to Justice League. And if his vision had sort of come to fruition, Cyborg would have probably been one of, if not the most powerful, metahuman in the entire canon, in the film universe. And that's just one of the crazy things about Zack, is that he can take someone who's such a newcomer and evolve their powers to the point where, you know, Cyborg is like 'S tier.'


So there you have it. There isn't a Snyder Cut of Justice League out there, waiting to be released. There's two of them. Now what are you waiting for, Warner Bros?! Release the Snyder Cuts!

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