Rick Remender's Rejected Spider-Man Pitch Featured Bug-Powered Bad Guys

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone in different ways. For some, like superstar comic book writer Rick Remender, the call for quarantine and social distancing has given him an opportunity to take a walk down memory lane and share those memories with fans on Twitter. With a treasure trove of unused plans for comic book story arcs, Remender is currently serving as a one-man replacement for a shuttered comic book industry as fans prepare for a near-future where weekly new comics may no longer be available. Remender may not be the hero the industry deserves, but he's definitely the one we need right now.

Yesterday, we learned about Remender's plans for taking over the X-books that never came to be after Remender told Marvel to drown in hobo piss in 2014 after they wanted him to write the corporately-mandated story that would become known as Inhumans vs. X-Men. Now, let's take a look at Remender's pitch for a Spider-Man story that he says was declined.

Remender says the pitch was made in 2009, and so would have taken place shortly after Brand New Day wrapped up a year earlier. In the story, called Pandora's Box, the corporation that irradiated the spider that gave Spider-Man his powers is revealed to have previously given insect-powers to several other individuals, including a group of villains powered by bad bugs: Red Ant, Parasite Worm, Toxic Beetle, and Black Wasp. Spider-Man learns of this and frees the villains, who have been trapped in a lab for years and gone insane. The story also would have seen Spider-Man accidentally irradiate an entire town of people who would presumably also have gotten some kind of powers.


Unfortunately, Pandora's Box was never opened and Remender left Marvel in 2014, but there's a glimpse of what could have been. Remender does have a reminder for anyone hoping these stories could be revived today:

Cheers to you, Rick Remender, for keeping us all entertained amidst a global crisis.

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