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DC Comics 2D Covers Continue To Dominate Advance Reorders
Where supply and demand and most accurately reflected, where you can see which books are hot, where new orders are coming in and how retailers are reacting to new, unanticipated desire! But in this case, it's full of retailers trying to make up for being allocated on the 3D Villains Month covers for September and trying[...]
Dario Argento's Dracula 3D Gets A Stateside Release Date And A New Title
At least, it did for me. There was a lot of messing about with the scheduling of Dracula, now titled Dracula 3D, at Cannes in 2012, which was a bit of a worry Especially when it appeared that these changes were attempts to minimise the number of critics that saw it The same thing happened this[...]
DC Standard Covers For Villains Month Dominate Advance Reorders
So, the news of the allocated 3D covers for DC's Villain's Month in September and the release of the first round of 2D Standard Covers have dominated the top of the advance reorder chart, as retailers try to catch up on their numbers, also safe in the knowledge that they are all returnable And Joker[...]
Retail Therapy: Would You Swap A 3D Cover For A 2D Cover With Added Discount?
The DC Villains Month 3D Cover fiasco took an interesting twist. We've reported how DC have had serious problems with fulfilling retailer orders of the lenticular covered comics in September from DC, with stores reporting serious allocations with 20% of orders received common, with some as low as 7%. We're also hearing that there may have been[...]
DC Comics State 3D Cover Shortage Down To Limited Paper Stock
DC Comics has been answering questions about the heavily allocated 3D Covers for Villain's Month in September Retailers, in many cases, have received far less than they ordered, far less than they normally get, and are making up the numbers with reduced price standard covers. But how did this happen? We find out. Why didn't DC print[...]
DC Villains Month 3D Covers Already Heating Up On eBay
The complete set of all 52 DC 3d Cover issues for Villains Month in September has jumped from $145 – less than $3 each, to $369, or over $7 an issue. Some are going for more, of course. Comics that have actually sold in advance on eBay for $20 a pop include Batman #23.1 Joker, Detective Comics[...]
DC Comics Villains Month Allocations Hit Hard
As Diamond and DC Comics close for the weekend, retailers are now being told exactly how many of the Villains Month 3D Cover titles they will be receiving And they're not happy. In some cases, I've been told of retailers getting 5% of the amount of a title they received, while on other titles, getting the[...]
A Lack Of Vision For 3D Covers For Villains Month?
DC announced 3D motion covers on all their September titles, one shots starring villainous characters, and each one given the subtitle of a popular book with an issue number and a decimal point Even if the book wasn't associated with that villain. So instead of Batgirl #23, for September we get Dark Knight #23.1: The Ventriloquist[...]
DC Villain's Month Titles To Be Allocated By 40% In Some Cases
At the Boston Comicon, currently underway, I understand that DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio has been heard telling retailers that orders on the September "Villain's Month" titles have been allocated up to 40% in some cases. For the month of September, DC are publishing a new style of 3D cover for every one of the Villain's[...]