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Uncanny X-Men #25 Joins The $4.99 Club
VARIANT BY PHANTOM CITY CREATIVE ORIGINAL SIN tie-in! • Xavier's greatest secret has been revealed! • Against such overwhelming power, will the X-Men succeed in holding the line? • Or will Xavier's final "gift" to his children be their undoing. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99 But just for those watching every penny, it's now been changed to a $4.99 comic… and another[...]
Jumps For Price Points On Nightcrawler And Original Sin
So it was a nice surprise for X-Men Legacy, renamed Nightcrawler, to return at a $2.99 price point. Which lasted all of a week. Now retailers have been told that it will actually be $3.99. Original Sin #0, originally solicited at $3.99 will be $4.99. And the final issue of Wolverine And The X-Men #42 will also rise from[...]
Will We See A $4.99 Price Point In 2014?
And the best selling books for both DC and Marvel are $3.99. It can't have escaped anyone's notice that the $7.99 editions of Detective Comics, Amazing Spider-Man and the like topped the charts, with extra content. DC's digital-only titles have been shifting from 99 cents to $1.99 and still does well. And the All New Marvel NOW[...]
Marvel, The $4.99 20 Page Comic And Amazon
With books such as Marvel's Wolverine And The X-Men HC collecting four issues of 20 page comics (rather than the seven issues on the Amazon's listing), shipping yesterday for a whopping $19.99, some readers are in revolt. Not so much the $3.99 twenty page comic, but four $4.99 twenty page comic in a stiff binder That's[...]