You Won't Pay Extra To See The Hobbit At 48FPS

When digital 3D was rolled out wide across the multiplexes, it came with a surcharge. This, we were told, was to subsidise the expense of the equipment to make the projection possible. Okay… and since Avatar paid for that several times over, why are we still paying? It was assumed that the 48FPS presentation of […]

Disappointing: Jackson Blinked, Comic-Con Hobbit Footage To Be 24fps 2D Only

Peter Jackson's The Hobbit is at the cutting edge of a certain kind of film making technology and will bring the extraordinary new look and feel of 48fps feature films to a very wide audience. After showing off some scenes from the film at Vegas, however, Jackson saw many journalists and bloggers tear into his […]

Comic-Con Poster For The Hobbit Is Pastoral But Overcast

Looks like there's rain on the way, Hobbiton. Better get your socks and knickers in off the line. Here's the Comic-Con poster for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The film will be part of Warner Bros.' panel next weekend and I hope there's going to be some footage to enjoy. And I hope […]

First Trailer For The Hobbit – UPDATED With Teaser Image

For the couple of minutes you spend watching the first trailer for The Hobbit, you might feel like a long, long wait is over… …shortly afterwards, you may remember that a long, long wait still lies ahead as The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is almost a year away. And the second film in the series, […]

Exactly One Year Before The Hobbit Opens, The Official Blurb Is Unveiled

One year from today, the first in Peter Jackson's pair of Hobbit films will finally be playing in cinemas. Another way to look at that is: crikey, Jackson, you're not going to sleep much for the next twelve months. On the upside, though, maybe you'll get a bit of kip between films one and two, […]

Andy Serkis Directing Second Unit On The Hobbit, Film Being Shot At 48 FPS

Peter Jackson has selected Andy Serkis to shoot second unit footage, including both performance capture and live action material, for The Hobbit. When we say second unit, we might mean third, or fourth. Or fifth. Or probably anything up to nine or so. Like The Lord of the Rings before it, The Hobbit is an […]