Weta Digital's Joe Letteri On The Hobbit, VFX And 48fps

Firstly, I loved the 48fps look of the film but many others found it a little disconcerting, for one reason or another, and there are even claims that the 48fps look has "hurt" the film by making the sets, props, lighting and even FX look inferior to how they'd appear in 24fps I'd challenge all[...]

A List Of UK Cinemas Now Booking For The Hobbit In 48fps HFR – UPDATED QUINCE

Many of the UK cinemas that will play The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in Peter Jackson's preferred 48fps higher frame rate version are now taking bookings.Here's a list on a chain by chain basis.Odeon - UPDATED WITH MORE LOCATIONSBath Belfast Blackpool Bournemouth Brighton Cardiff Chelmsford Dundee Dunfermline Glasgow Quay Hatfield Huddersfield Kensington Kettering Kingston Leicester Square Lincoln Liverpool ONE Marble Arch Metrocentre Norwich Oxford Magdalen St. Silverlink Surrey Quays Taunton Trafford Centre Tunbridge Wells Uxbridge Whiteleys - The Lounge Wrexham Eagles Meadow Manchester IMAX Swiss Cottage IMAX Trafford[...]

70 More Of The 450 US Cinemas Where You'll Be Able To See The Hobbit In 48fps

specifically chose every one of the 450 US venues where The Hobbit will play in Peter Jackson's preferred 48fps, or HFR, version They had been planning on far less but ultimately relented and gave Jackson - and for that matter, plenty of the rest of us - just what we wanted.Bleeding Cool published the list[...]

91 Cinemas Where You'll Be Able To See The Hobbit At 48fps

Ahead of US pre-sales starting on Wednesday, the first cinema chain to announce their screenings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in its native 48fps format are Regal There's a fair number of locations - not as many as I'd hoped, more than I'd feared Let's just call it "a start" and see what the[...]

Lucky For Some – UK Hobbit Release Brought Forward Just A Little

Many films get a one day lead in the UK.And there's no word yet if the Blighty will get any 48fps screenings I really, really hope so As soon as some are confirmed, I'll let you know. The first film in Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy has just been given a fresh, earlier release date for[...]

You Won't Pay Extra To See The Hobbit At 48FPS

and since Avatar paid for that several times over, why are we still paying?It was assumed that the 48FPS presentation of The Hobbit was also going see a hike in price, another tier up Thankfully, Variety say this isn't going to be the case The price for a ticket to the The Hobbit in 48FPS[...]

Hobbit To Receive Only A "Select" Release At 48FPS, And That's A Bad Thing

If you've seen something in 48fps or 60fps on TV then what you saw was something played back at that frame rate but not produced at that frame rate That's a different thing entirely Entirely That involves artificial frames filling in the gaps between the ones that were actually recorded, and these "junk" frames don't[...]

Disappointing: Jackson Blinked, Comic-Con Hobbit Footage To Be 24fps 2D Only

Peter Jackson's The Hobbit is at the cutting edge of a certain kind of film making technology and will bring the extraordinary new look and feel of 48fps feature films to a very wide audience After showing off some scenes from the film at Vegas, however, Jackson saw many journalists and bloggers tear into his[...]

Comic-Con Poster For The Hobbit Is Pastoral But Overcast

And I hope it's going to be in 48fps And I hope there's lots of it.The image comes from the film's Facebook page Like! Friend! More please. Looks like there's rain on the way, Hobbiton Better get your socks and knickers in off the line.Here's the Comic-Con poster for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected[...]

First Trailer For The Hobbit – UPDATED With Teaser Image

For the couple of minutes you spend watching the first trailer for The Hobbit, you might feel like a long, long wait is over......shortly afterwards, you may remember that a long, long wait still lies ahead as The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is almost a year away.And the second film in the series, The Hobbit:[...]

Exactly One Year Before The Hobbit Opens, The Official Blurb Is Unveiled

On the upside, though, maybe you'll get a bit of kip between films one and two, once most of the actual photography is in the can.This won't be so much An Unexpected Journey as a droolingly anticipated one.Personally, I can't wait to be back in the shire and I'm beyond curious about what Jackson will[...]

Andy Serkis Directing Second Unit On The Hobbit, Film Being Shot At 48 FPS

The big surprise is that he's shooting the film at something like twice the standard cinematic framerate, opting for 47.96fps.Higher framerates do indeed appear to be the future of cinema, with James Cameron pledging to shoot Avatars 2 and 3 in at least 48fps If you're not sure why this the big thing right now, Douglas[...]