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A Comic Show – Now With Added Glove Puppets
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MJ4MePCRN4[/youtube] Aaron of A Comic Shop in Florida is joined by Dan, the artist of Tri Force Mike's Dungeons & Doritos comic look through today's new comics, Justice League saving the day for thr store, as well as glove puppets, Batman Beyond, and Ultimates, Uncanny X-Force and Punisher hardcovers… Top Books JUSTICE LEAGUE #6 GEOFF JOHNS' DARKSEID IS AWESOME![...]
A Comic Show – Getting All Giddy For Two Weeks Time
Aaron and Tri Force Mike of A Comic Shop are excited about the relaunch in two weeks and their Midnight Release Party for Flashpoint and Justice League and look through the goodbye comics out tomorrow, including Flashpoint Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Legion Of Doom and The Outsider, all leading into Flashpoint #5 And second[...]
A Comic Show – The Best Week In Comics Of The Year So Far
So this is a big week for the boys of A Comic Shop in Florida. A lot of Fear Itself and Fear Itself Home Front, and its similarity to Blackest Night, the new Herc, Uncanny X-Men Point One that's all Magneto trying to get better publicity, Spider-Man Annual without Chew branding, Brightest Day makes Aaron very[...]
A Comic Show – "I Want Zombies To Be Zombies"
Aaron and Tri-Force Mike from A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida run through Thursdays comics and tease, on screen, by actually holding them in theri hands! The cads! But it's a small week, but a lot of love for Action Comics Annual, some despair over Green Lantern silliness, an improvement for Heroes For Hire, metaswiping in[...]
A Comic Show – The Insanity Of Batman
Aaron and Mike from A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, give their run through the new books What's hot, what's hotter, what's hottest! From Batman to Green Lantern, the lateness of Superman, Deadpool MAX, New Avengers, GI Joe and a Mark Millar book on time… and a sneak look at next week's Walking Dead trade paperback… Weekly[...]