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A-Force #1 Slips 3 Weeks Into 2016
Instead the debut issue of the All-New All-Different Marvel female focused Avengers superteam title A-Force has slipped into the New Year, to the 6th January. It is unknown if this is due to lateness of the book itself or whether there are plot points that rely on the publication of the final issue of Secret Wars,[...]
Still More Secrets From The Battleworld
Imagine how he'll feel when he discovers there are portals in Arcadia in A-Force to other worlds. In the world of Dystopia, Talbot and Ross took a Fantastic Four-style trip into space and were transformed as a result – in a time when there were still stars… so the Thing that fights the Maestro in Future Imperfect isn't[...]
A-Force Goes Ongoing After Secret Wars
We mentioned that A-Force may be a title that survived the Secret Wars after studying the Amazon listings And so, as announced in Glamour magazine, it has come to pass. Written by G Willow Wilson, it is a female-starring Avengers title, with a large cast to rely on And it seems that new character created for the Secret[...]
We Stand On Guard Tops This Weeks Advance Reorders
Where supply and demand and most accurately reflected, where you can see which books are hot, where new orders are coming in and how retailers are reacting to new, unanticipated desire! And the biggest increase of advance reorders for a comic yet to be published is the debut of Bryan K Vaughan and Steve Skroce's new[...]
Swipe File: The Singularity And The Absolutely
Yesterday, Rich ran a story about a new Marvel character debuting in A-Force called The Singularity The character is described as being gender fluid, choosing to be female. When I saw the article and the fact she looks like a galaxy with a female shape, it reminded me of another character, The Absolutely from the Image[...]
Singularity Is Marvel's Genderfluid Version Of Superman (SPOILERS)
A female one? Not quite. Today's A-Force, set on the Secret Wars Battleworld is a pretty damn fine superheroic comic books, with thumped sharks, rousing cries, emotional tugs and… the first appearance of Singularity. According to a USA Today, she is a a pocket universe that gained sentience during the multiversal collapse. But is "she" the right term? Writer[...]
Miss America To Get Her Own Series?
She plays a large part in this week's A-Force #1, as her actions in the issue help to define the laws of the Battleworld and let us understand the structure of Secret Wars a little more. But I understand that there is more than just A-Force for America Chavez, better known as Miss America, in months to come. Created[...]
Marvel Collects Female Focused Titles As The Bi-Monthly A-Force Presents
Reminds me of the way Crossgen used to publish titles. And a rather welcome model too. A-Force Presents is a new bi-monthly collection of female-focused Marvel comics, six issues including Ms Marvel, Thor, Captain Marvel, Black Widow Squirrel Girl and She-Hulk, issue by issue, launching in September at a $14.99 price point And Marvel used Teen Vogue to announce the initiative[...]
A-Force, Convergence, Secret Wars And Providence On Diamond Previews Covers
  Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows' new monthly comic book Providence takes the front of the Previews order form for next month, for comics shipping in May… But of the front cover of Previews, it's Marvel's A-Force, with a note for Dark Horse's Fight Club 2. While, for the back page, DC comics push their Convergence series[...]
Comic Folk React To Marvel Being Bumped From The View
Tomorrow at 11a ET, we'll make a game-changing announcement as part of #SecretWars, live on @TheView! Don't miss it: http://t.co/aztwhurkCW — Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) February 5, 2015 But it was not to be, In the end, half way through, Mashable got the story, that A-Force was a new all-female superhero team by G Willow Wilson, launching as[...]