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Massive Potential Spoilers For Game Of Thrones Season 7 Hit Reddit (SPOILERS)

Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire books upon which the show is based. Another anonymous user, starkandlannister, who claims to be a major actor or actress on the show according to The Concourse, disputed the legitimacy of the spoilers, suggesting they're little more than educated speculation.The user account of awayforthelads was eventually deleted, and the posts[...]

Could [Redacted] Still Appear On Game Of Thrones?

Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire as this concerns several book characters who have never appeared on screen in Game of Thrones.The Watcher on the Wall (via The Wrap) has obtained a list of character breakdowns intended for casting directors They detail, in sketchy ways, a number of small parts and seemingly recurring roles[...]

Game Of Thrones To Return On April 24th

Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series upon which the television show it based New episodes will begin to tell stories beyond the last page of the most recent novel, A Dance with Dragons, but will also make use of the struggle to sit the Seastone Chair from A Feast for Crows Isaac Hempstead[...]

Freddie Stroma Joins Game of Thrones As Sam's Brother

Dickon is the replacement heir.In the novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire, Sam is last seen taking up his duties at the Citadel, so Tarly family life, and Dickon, will be completely new material for the show. TVLine reports UnREAL actor Freddie Stroma has joined the season six cast of HBO's Game of[...]

Rumor: Game of Thrones Finds Its Euron Greyjoy?

Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, A Feast for Crows In the novel, the throne of Theon Greyjoy's homeland is up for grabs; with his uncle Euron, known as "The Crow's Eye," a lead contender It comes to a head at an event known as the Kingsmoot, in which damp men shout at[...]