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Lobo Movie Plot Revealed – But Do They Need A New Director?

He's not listed on the Grid page, however, so there's a good chance the project is without a director again.Still listed are "previous" writer Don Payne, producers Joel Silver and Akiva Goldsman, and likely star The Rock.I hope somebody archives a nice VHS copy of this Lobo film so that when we eventually invent time travel[...]

Lobo Movie Back On The Blocks – Brad Peyton Tapped To Direct

At another point, he was working with Karen Walton on an original project.Perhaps Lobo will afford him the liberty to stretch his wings a little.Sadly missing from Deadline's report is who Silver and co-producer Akiva Goldsman have set to writing the script That could be crucial.UPDATE: Deadline rewrote their story to say that, funnily enough,[...]

The Dark Tower Films And TV Series Tossed In The Can

Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman's (over?) ambitious plans to realise an adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower as three big budget films and two TV mini-series, have come flying off the tracks in a ball of flame Some casting had already taken place, with Javier Bardem lined up to play The Gunslinger, and Mark[...]

The Dark Tower Is Still On The Cards, Just Later And Cheaper

As per Deadline: Universal has its own ticking clock: It must greenlight the film by July, or the rights revert back to the author and the filmmakers. The filmmakers are Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman Incidentally, if Universal don't commit, it won't necessarily spell the end of the project Another studio could pick it up and push[...]

Javier Bardem And Viggo Mortensen Named As Frontrunners For Lead In The Dark Tower

Deschain was obviously based on Leone's The Man With No Name, who just as clearly wasn't hispanic, bit there's no reason that Howard and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman couldn't get a little re-inventive.Speaking to The LA Times earlier in the month, Howard acknowledged fan desire for Viggo Mortenson to take the role, and that enthusiasm alone[...]