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Will Wrestling Superstar Paige Return To WWE In Time For Wrestlemania?
Just yesterday, we learned that Paige's family will be the subject of a major motion picture produced by WWE and The Rock. So when will Paige be returning to the ring? For that, we look to Paige's boyfriend, former WWE superstar and real-life Shredder Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio has been the subject of much fan ire for[...]
WWE Superstar Paige Tweets Open Love Letter To Alberto Del Rio
Ever since WWE superstar Paige began dating former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio, "smarks" – wrestling fans who care as much or more about the backstage aspects of the wrestling business than the in-ring product – have been decrying the relationship For some, it's an insulting brand of patriarchal concern at Paige's actions since beginning[...]
Did Former WWE Star Alberto Del Rio Get In A Backstage Brawl With A Ninja Turtle?
According to reports circulating on social media, former WWE star Alberto Del Rio was involved in a backstage brawl with with a wrestler named Alan Xtreme, who is known as Rafy in the luchadore group Las Turtugos Ninja And yes, they are, exactly as it sounds, Ninja Turtles: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled:[...]