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American Red Band Trailer For The Last Circus

Rather, Alex De La Iglesia's The Last Circus is coming to America, and Magnet releasing have unveiled their first stateside trailer for the film.I suspect a lot of the film's subtext about the recent political history of Spain will mean less to an American audience, but there's always the beautiful images, and hardcore clown violence.For[...]

More On Alex De La Iglesia's New Film With Salma Hayek

I first told you about it on New Year's Eve, when it was going to be called Spark of Life; now it's being called As Luck Would Have It and has turned up in Variety. Here's the plot premise that they have for the film: A once whiz-kid publicist now out of work for three […]

Alex De La Iglesia To Direct The Spark Of Life, Salma Hayek And Jose Mota To Star

Alex De La Iglesia's most recent film, The Last Circus or The Trumpet's Last Ballad or The Tumpet's Sad Ballad or, perhaps most properly, Balada Triste de Trompeta, is still to make its way to English speaking territories, leaving me hanging Meanwhile, the director has appeared on the Spanish TV show, Versión Española and discussed his[...]

Poster And First-Look Video For The Last Circus

Alex de la Iglesia's Balada Triste de Trompeta, or The Last Circus, is expected to redeem the director's reputation after the inert blob that was The Oxford Murders The scary clowns on the film's poster, as you can see above, are definitely a good start Shudder Shiver Trickle I'm also intrigued by the film's premise[...]