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Alien: Blackout Launches Leaderboards and a Survive Mode Today
credit// D3 Go! D3 Go!, Rival Games, and Theory Interactive's hit survival horror mobile game Alien: Blackout received an update today adding a leaderboard function and a new survive mode. In Blackout's Survive mode, players have no saves between levels and no restart options, so they've got to outsmart and survive the Xenomorphs aboard the Weyland-Yutani space station[...]
Alien: Blackout Reveal Trailer (Mobile)
After some super-mysterious tweets regarding the 20th Century Fox property "Alien: Blackout", we've got some confirmations as to what the title is, and when we'll be seeing it. Featuring Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda Ripley, "Alien: Blackout" will be a mobile game that is set to release on January 24th 2019. There was a short launch trailer released[...]
Amanda Ripley is Coming to Mystery Alien Project
Back in November, 20th Century Fox filed some interesting trademark for something called Alien: Blackout, making us (and pretty much every other outlet on the web) believe the same thing- that a new Alien video game was coming. There really hasn't been anything definitive until today, when the official Alien Twitter account shared a 30-second video mentioning an important[...]
20th Century Fox Trademark Alien: Blackout for Gaming Purposes
20th Century Fox just piqued a lot of people's interest today as they filed a new gaming trademark for an IP called Alien: Blackout According to the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) database, the company officially filed the application on Thanksgiving Day, which we assume was done to fly it under the radar a bit, under[...]