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Castle of Horror: Is Embrace Of The Vampire Actually Sexy?
The film stars Alyssa Milano as Charlotte, a chaste girl who is haunted by a vampire played by Martin Kemp, bassist of 80s New Wave band Spandau Ballet But when we looked at the film we all found ourselves asking, is this movie, with its 90210-inflected 90s fashions and strangely demure orgies, sexy? Or is it[...]
Alyssa Milano's Hacktivist To Be Adapted For The CW
Alyssa Milano jumped into the comic industry back in 2014 by creating the graphic novel Hacktivist The book was written by Jack Lanzing and Colin Kelly, drawn by Marcus To and published by BOOM! Studios Now the book is being adapted for a CW television series by the creators of Covert Affairs, Matt Corman and Chris Ord. Hacktivist[...]
Hacktivist Vol. 2 Debutes This Month From Archaia
The team behind the critically acclaimed limited series is back as actress/activist Alyssa Milano and she is joined once again with writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing (Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Official Graphic Novel Prelude), and artist Marcus To (New Warriors, Red Robin) for a new limited series that pits hacker against hacker. BOOM! Studios[...]
From Hacktivist 2 To Joyride, Jackson Lanzing Seems Unstoppable
By Cameron Hatheway Writer Jackson Lanzing was on hand at the BOOM! Studios/Archaia booth during Comikaze Expo, and was kind enough to fill me in on all the upcoming projects he and Collin Kelly, Alyssa Milano and Marcus To are working on If there's one thing to be said about Jackson, it's this: he's 100% passionate[...]
The Returning, A New Comic For Boom From Jason Starr And Andrea Mutti
They've made a regular appearance on Bleeding Cool's Advance Reorder lists as retailers increase orders to catch up with demand. 2014 looks to see them doing the same, a new imprint with The Midas Flesh launching from the Adventure Time team, Curse from a quartet of Image creators, Hacktivist from Alyssa Milano, and a Loki book called Loki: Ragnarok and Roll.  On[...]
Alyssa Milano's Hacktivist To Launch In January – In Print
Planned to debut digitally from Archaia, with a graphic novel to follow next summer, the plans for actress/producer Alyssa Milano's comic Hacktivist appear to have changed, after a preview was given away at San Diego Comic Con. Instead, it is coming out as a monthly series from Archaia Black Label/Boom! Studios Written by Milano, Collin Kelly[...]