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The Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibo Is Coming
So, the Yarn Yoshis were a cute little deviation from the Amiibo norm when they were announced for Yoshi's Wooly World Their soft, plush bodies hit the cute chord hard for gamers and they've flown off shelfs here in the UK. But the deviations are about to get another deviation too Cue the entrance of the[...]
SDCC '15: The Mewtwo Amiibo Has Been Spotted In San Diego
He was also the antagonist of the first Pokemon movie, which did super well back in the day. Having recently been added to Super Smash Brothers, the character is now in line for an Amiibo figure He wasn't at E3 at the Amiibo display, but he has turned up at SDCC. Games Journalist Alan Lopez (via VG247) spotted[...]
Well Packaged Fun – Nintendo at E3
Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, based on home decoration, style and using Amiibo's to enhance the play on 3DS. Yoshii's Woolly World provided another charming game, the wool creature using his various powers and woolly body in order to solve problems in the world Pleasing to long time fans and having a definite dash of elements[...]
Disney Infinity Executive Criticizes Nintendo's Amiibo Shortages
The Amiibo shortage has been very silly indeed Nintendo simply haven't kept up to the insane demand of their toys-to-life brand meaning that fans haven't been able to get the characters they want at stores If they really wanted to get one of the rarer toys, they might have to put up $80+ to get[...]
Nintendo Promise To Provide More Amiibo To Match Demand
Amiibo hunting has gotten to preposterous levels at this point With each new wave, we can be sure that one character will become the new 'rare' one due to being massively under-stocked Cue skyrocketing Ebay prices, trips across state and ludicrous levels of hording It has kind of ruined Nintendo's toy-to-life line for the people[...]
Category: Video Games – Episode 34: Talking Nintendo Direct With Alan Williamson
We talked about the Nintendo Direct just gone, including my own Amiibo fury at Falco and Waluigi not turning up yet We also cover why April Fools day pranks can be annoying to cover on the day, as well as how delays are affecting enthusiasm for the gaming year. Check out the Podcast here: [audio:] You can[...]
The Amiibo Craze Is Reaching New Heights As Greninja Sells Out In 30 Minutes
The Amiibo shortage is real With every passing wave we are getting more and more stories of these things selling out and then being hunted down for extortionate prices. You can now add Greninja to the pile of rare Amiibo Yes, according to NeoGAF (via GameSpot), the Pokemon based toy sold out in 30 minutes The[...]
Woolly Yoshis And New Amiibos Announced During Nintendo Direct
The Amiibo craze has been far reaching and all encompassing for some people The hunt for rare figures like Rosalina has driven some people to travel an hour or two to check out distant game stores in the hopes of finishing their collections It's pretty crazy how the bug has bitten some people. That roster is[...]
Gold Mario Amiibo Looks To Be Exclusive To Walmart In The US
Remember that gold Mario Amiibo that was found on Nintendo's website a few weeks back? Well, it's resurfaced If you are in the US and are crazy about Amiibos, you better hope you are within a reasonable distance of a Walmart. Reddit user pituvision (via Polygon) found this advertisement at his local store, confirming the Amiibo[...]
Report: Gold And Silver Mario Amiibos Found On Company's Website
The Amiibo craze has been blowing up my Twitter feed for the last few months I've seen sane people turn into crazed collectible searching monsters as they try to acquire every Nintendo character available Watching from afar, the hunt for Rosalina has looked like a madness inducing search for the Holy Grail. It looks like those[...]
Amiibo, Amiib-No Nintendo
By Jared Cornelius If you've been paying any attention to Nintendo over the last year you've no doubt heard about Amiibos.  The small plastic figures are riding high off the "Toys-To-Life" craze, created thanks in part to companies like Activision and Disney flooding the gaming aisle with child friendly monsters and recognizable superheroes.  If you're unaware, Amiibos, are Nintendo themed inaction figures more akin to vinyl toys than anything[...]
Some Amiibos Won't Likely Be Reissued After They Sell Out
I've been taken aback by the popularity of Amiibos I thought Nintendo might have missed the boat on the 'toy add-on' craze Demand for Skylanders, while still present, seems to have cooled after its initial burst of titles Of course Disney Infinity is going strong, but that has the backing of Marvel and I wasn't sure the market[...]
The SML Podcast – Discussing Xbox One, Assassin's Creed, And More
Glitches, microtransactions,  framerate, and content are all discussed by Kris and I in a pros/cons kind of way. Other topics of discussion include EA Access, Far Cry 4, Super Smash Bros., Amiibo  figures, Shadows of Mordor, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and so much more! Plus, the  always fun Skype disconnects and emails from Randall Drew[...]