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Avatar Plug of the Week: Fashion Beast Reviews and Preview
Stunningly illustrated by Facundo Percio and scripted by long-time Moore collaborator, Antony Johnston, this series delivers Alan Moore's vision down to the letter and will change the way you look at fables for the rest of your life! Enjoy this preview of #2! Available with a Regular or Wraparound Cover by series artist Facundo Percio or Haute[...]
First Look at Avatar Covers for November
Avatar Press reveals the issue covers to all its new releases slated to be on store shelves in November, and live for pre-orders from comic shop retailers as of Diamond's September Previews catalog.     Stitched Volume 1 Graphic Novel Written by Garth Ennis and Adapted by Mike Wolfer Artwork by Mike Wolfer Softcover Edition, Hardcover Edition, and Signed Hardcover Edition Illustrated[...]
Fashion Beast: The Missing Piece of an Alan Moore Puzzle
No one redefined the comic book landscape quite like Alan Moore in the 1980s, and the year 1985 was one of the most creative of his career.  He'd taken Saga of the Swamp Thing to new levels of horror and brilliance.  He'd introduced the world to John Constantine, a magic con man and later, Hellblazer. [...]
Antony Johnston Provides Insight Into Long-Lost Alan Moore Project, Fashion Beast
Antony Johnston (Daredevil, The Courtyard) was hand-picked by Avatar Press to adapt the original screenplay into its comic book format, an experience which Johnston expands upon below.     What is the story of Fashion Beast about? Well, there are two aspects to this; what *happens*, and what it's *about* What happens is that Doll, a gender-bending nobody with[...]
The Alan Moore Classic 25 Years in the Making: Fashion Beast Cover Debut
With his blessing and approval (and McLaren's prior to his passing), that screenplay has been adapted for comics by Moore's longtime collaborator Antony Johnston (Daredevil, The Courtyard) and illustrated by Facundo Percio (Anna Mercury).  The series itself will run ten issues, with the first issue debuting in September  The series ships with Regular and Wraparound[...]
Antony Johnston Signs The Coldest City in the Coldest Cities
Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool; Okay, maybe not the coldest cities but it is pretty damp and miserable up north as I write this. Antony Johnston remains one of the best writers, not to mention best kept secrets, in modern English language comics He's as happy working in romantic comedy as he is action, has a[...]
Tuesday Runaround – Mignola, Nocenti, Garrick, Lane And Johnston
I also died in the DCU Online game, but I suppose that also might be excused since so many heroes die as players move along in that game." GameWatch: Adi Tantimedh reports; "Just played a Japanese video game BINARY DOMAIN, all about fighting robots in a future Tokyo, and lo and behold, when the end credits rolled,[...]
That Other Post-Apocalyptic Comic On Sale This Week.
Because also on Wednesday, for a single dollar, they can pick up Oni Press' Wasteland #33 by Antony Johnston and Justin Greenwood, a new artist for a new story, and intended to be as new reader friendly as they can be, and starting a new monthly schedule for the book. What's it about? Here's a synopsis[...]
Antony Johnston's Wasteland Goes Monthly With Issue 33 For $1
Antony Johnston's apocalyptical rebuilding comic, Wasteland from Oni was aways meant to monthly. But something slipped, as these things are want to do. But now issue 33 in January will begin a new story, have a new artist, Justin Greenwood, and will cost one dollar. If you haven't been enjoying Wasteland, what an excellent place to start! Then of[...]