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A Comic Show – All New Charles Soule Now And 2.8.14 is Lantern Day!
I'm gonna need a few more issue of this new status quo before I'm sold on it. Archer and Armstrong #0 firmly planted it in the Valiant Universe (the third largest shared super hero universe in comics) Turok #1 for Dynamite delivered, solid writing and art and a great launch for the Gold Key line. In closing,[...]
Pop Culture Hounding Fred Van Lente
By Chris Thompson After last week’s fascinating chat with JMS aka J. Michael Straczynski (which you can listen to here), this week I turn my attention to
Fred Van Lente Talks Archer & Armstrong Going Into Year Two
3, but we know Archer has been trying to figure out his connection with PRS (and therefore "Bloodshot," and therefore "Harbinger") for some time … so how A&A fits in with the larger Valiant Universe will become clearer and clearer. BC: You've been on the title over a year now, as you go into the second arc,[...]
Twelve Thoughts About Twelve Comics – Archer And Armstrong, Thor, Gambit, Buffy, Avengers Assemble, Daredevil Annual, New Avengers, Ozymandias, Atomic Robo x 2, It Girl And The Atomics, Creator Owned Heroes
The new Archer And Armstrong has a tough battle, against one of the most critically acclaimed early Valiant series Even now, it seems incredible to describe, a religious zealot warrior teaming up with a drunken, slovenly immortal, Achilles Meets Bacchus, They Fight Crime, and written with a wit and wisdom that would predate the likes[...]