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Valiant's Full Solicitations for July 2014

By July Valiant's big summer event Armor Hunters will be in full swing as two spin-off miniseries begin here as well as the 25th issue of Harbinger. Plus we have the second trade from their super team book Unity. ARMOR HUNTERS #2 (of 4) (VALIANT FIRST) Written by Robert Venditti Art & Cover by Doug […]

Armor Hunters Branch Out Into New Bloodshot And Harbinger #1s

Spinning out of Valiant's big summer event Armor Hunters comes the start of two new three-part miniseries Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #1 and Armor Hunters: Harbinger #1. Both series can be read individually or as part of the full-event. Retailers will be able to "unlock" chromium covers of each #1 issue with their orders. On July […]

Bloodshot Joins The Unity Team With Unity #8

Valiant has signed their top free agent to the big team roster. (Yes, occasionally I do sports metaphors.) Bloodshot will join X-O Manowar, Ninjak, the Eternal Warrior, and Livewire as the newest member of the Unity team in UNITY #8 – the issue kicks off a stand-alone story arc coming out of the Armor Hunters […]

First Look At Armor Hunters #1 From Valiant

Here we've got a first look at Armor Hunters #1, the big summer crossover event from Valiant. This is the first of the eighteen part story that runs from June through September. This issue is written by Robert Venditti and drawn by Doug Braithwaite. When Aric of Dacia returned to Earth with the stolen X-O […]

Valiant Solicitations for June 2014

We've got the Valiant Entertainment solicitations for July 2014 and it kicks off with the start of Armor Hunters #1 which ties into both Unity #8 and X-O Manowar #26. Then the new Rai series continues, Shadowman: End Times concludes and the Eternal Emperor storyline gets collected. ARMOR HUNTERS #1 (of 4) Written by ROBERT […]

Prelude To Armor Hunters – First Look At X-O Manowar #24

Valiant is making a big push for their summer event Armor Hunters and it kicks off with a prelude in X-O Manowar #24 which we have a preview for right here. Written by New York Times best-selling writer Robert Venditti and art by Diego Bernard, this issue not only preludes the big 18-part crossover but […]

Valiant Unleashes Chromium Covers This Summer

Valiant comics has a new retailer incentive push that involve 5 wraparound chromium covers for their big Armor Hunters 18-part event this summer. The covers will come out in June and July and will feature the art of Jorge Molina, Mico Suayah, Clayton Crain, Philip Tan and Lewis LaRosa. Each Chromium cover is a jumping on […]

Valiant Introduces Pullbox Previews

In support of the Valiant First publishing initiative, Valiant is starting the Valiant First Pullbox Preview – a brand new wave of promotional preview books shipping from March to August to the top 500 Valiant retailers. The editions will come 20 to a pack with more bundles available for reorder through Diamond. The idea is […]

Advanced Previews Of X-O Manowar #23 The Prelude To Armor Hunters

Valiant is giving us a big glimpse into the future. Just a few weeks back we showed you and advanced look at X-O Manowar #21, now we are jumping two issues ahead and get a chance to see X-O Manowar #23 by Robert Venditti and Diego Bernard. This is the first issue in the Prelude to […]

Earth Will Be The Greatest Hunt Of All – Armor Hunters Is Coming

Valiant Comics is back with their second teaser for the upcoming Armor Hunters. Yesterday, we got a skeleton in a XO Manowar armor and the phrase "Bend the knee… Or take the head." Today we get: "Earth will be the greatest hunt of all" and art by Mico Suayan. And is that a giant Kirby-Tech robot?

Bend The Knee… Or Take The Head – Armor Hunters Is Coming

Valiant Comics has something big coming up this summer and they have released this teaser image by Miguel Sepulveda to get things started. Armor Hunters is coming… Now, speculating from the image we see a dead body in an X-O Manowar type armor. We also see the use of interesting grammar as the phrase "Armor […]

Armor Hunters, A New Comic From Valiant Entertainment?

Here's something for Valiant fans to be thankful for, Valiant Entertainment have filed to register the trademark on a new property Armor Hunters, for ; Printed matter and paper goods, namely, books featuring narrative artwork or characters from narrative artwork, comic books, graphic novels, comic strips, and magazines and stories in printed form all featuring […]