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LushWatch: Art Adams Draws Thing, Valkyrie And Namor For The Fearless
Fight! And who better to add a touch of class to proceedings than Art Adams' covers for issues 4 and 5 of The Fearless… I think we've got the plot now Valkyrie wants to return the hammers of Fear Itself to Asgard The heroes don't want her to Sin and her crew are still involved[...]
Josh Hoopes: He's Not The Messiah He's A Very Naughty Boy
I've managed to tie up two strands from differing Josh Hoopes scams together. One is that of Joe Pruett of Desperado, one of a number of well known publishers who paid "Art Adams" in advance for a book called Messiah, through the agent "Jeff Henzel." He received a cover and some sketches, but paid a substantial[...]
Josh Hoopes Scam Artist Returns, This Time Using Stephen Colbert
Some artists only discovered this when the work was published. After a number of Lying In the Gutters articles,  he went quiet for some time. He later emerged with a much more ambitious plan, posing simultaneously as A-list comics artist Art Adams and a fictitious agent Jeff Henzel, offering work at relatively low rates for such an[...]