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Close Look At DC Cover Girls Vixen Statue
The ninth statue in the series based on the art of Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, Vixen was sculpted by Sam Greenwell and will be in a limited edition of 5,200 (See what they did there.) The statue will be in stores in April of 2015. Along with the images of Vixen, DC also provided a checklist of[...]
Welcome To El Paso's Mayhem Toyz & Comics & DeviantArt Images (UPDATE x2)
Here's one example of Artgerm's work, privately created but posted to DeviantART. And in the store. Artgerm writes, I hate art thieves My artworks are stolen everyday, being reused, repost, replicated and renamed Most of the time I will just brush it off cos they are not used for commercial purposes However this comic store in Texas blatantly[...]
Reference Book For Comic Artists Has Its Sights On An Indiegogo Record
We have big names like Steve Rude, Ariel Olivetti, Ed Benes, Artgerm, Kim Jung Gi and loads more. We're big bleeding fans of Bleeding Cool If your readers help us hit our goal of $100,000 by Sunday night this weekend, we will include a limited edition spread in the book, specifically for Bleeding Cool contributors[...]