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Atari VCS Now Available for Pre-Order on IndieGoGo
credit//Atari Atari has announced that its new Atari VCS hardware platform is now available for pre-order exclusively on Indiegogo Two different VCS models are available for pre-order: the Atari VCS Day One Collector's Edition which features a retro-inspired real wood-front and the Atari VCS Onyx which has a glossy black face and "searing Atari Red illuminated[...]
Atari Announces VCS Pre-Sale on Indiegogo in Late May
Atari announced this morning that they would officially start a pre-sale of their upcoming console, the Atari VCS, which would kick off on Indiegogo starting on May 30th We also have a better idea of why the system has a couple different looks as the wood-front version is going to be the Collector's Edition, while[...]
The Atari VCS Console will Run Linux OS to Keep that Atari Homebrew Feel
Now, the re-branded Atari VCS was supposed to launch back in December 2017, but was delayed for a "number of factors" however, the company plans to be much more open about the console's development process in the coming months While the console probably won't be releasing anytime soon, Atari Connect COO Michael Arzt was on-site at[...]
Atari Finally Unveils Their New Gaming Console: Atari VCS
After months of not seeing anything beyond the primary console, Atari finally revealed the full look and details of their latest gaming console, the Atari VCS In case you're wondering, the VCS stands for Video Computer System, both as a nod to past PC names and to accurately describe what this system is[...]