attack the block

First Poster For Attack The Block

Here's the British quad poster for Joe Cornish's Attack the Block, tagline: Inner City vs Outer Space Shouldn't put anybody off, eh?The film will be in UK cinemas in May, in US cinemas sometime after.I've been writing about the film regularly for a couple of years now, and was even lucky enough to visit the[...]

Edgar Wright Asked To Direct Walking Dead, Still Busy With Ant Man

Edgar Wright is out at the SXSW festival to premiere and promote Attack the Block, on which he served as executive producer The temptation is for me to now write several more lines of excitable material on that film, but I'm going to hold myself back for an actual review and get on with the[...]

Two Clips From Attack The Block

As broadcast on last night's Film 2011, here are two more clips from Joe Cornish's Attack the Block Cornish appeared on the show and discussed the film, a little, and for the next few days at least, you'll be able to see the whole thing online.I'm still in a signal wilderness here but, again, there's[...]

First Trailer For Attack The Block

I'm posting this from a wilderness where there's barely any signal (Oxford city centre) but you need to see it and I'm not making you wait (the way I'm having to wait to see the whole film, grumble, grumble, low grade sense of entitlement, whinge, whinge).Courtesy of Empire, here's the first trailer for Joe Cornish's[...]

Let Nick Frost Kick Off Your Weekend For Attack The Block

Here are three stills from Attack The Block to kick off your weekend, A hippy Nick, followed by hoodies with torches and girls with shrieks, in this movie written and directed by the legendary Joe Cornish about  a teen gang against an invasion of savage alien monsters It turns a London housing estate [...]

Basement Jaxx Providing The Score For Attack The Block – UPDATED

Joe Cornish's feature film directorial debut is to be the London set sci-fi/action film, Attack the Block It's a film I've been following very closely, and I'm convinced it's going to be one of 2011's best The story revolves around a London tower block overrun during an alien invasion*, and how the local youths step[...]

First Still From Sci-Fi Thriller Attack The Block

Earlier this year, I was lucky to spend a half-day on the set of Joe Cornish's directorial debut, Attack the Block From what I saw there, from my conversations with Joe and the cast, and from the other bits and pieces of info I've managed to pick up (coughscriptcough), I'm convinced that it's going to[...]