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When Letters Pages Go Anti-Gay

The letters page above has been doing the rounds online, with Christos Gage answering reader concerns over the presence of gay characters in Avengers Academy It's a long and considered letter, as is the response But the Bendis Board found another, less considered back and forth from Gen 13 #5 back in the mid nineties[...]

The Future Of Generation Hope And Avengers Academy

But either way, I'm grateful for any and all time I'll get to spend with these characters and with you guys and gals reading.Kenji&Martha forever, Another book on iFanboy's list, Avengers Academy, has received similar words from Christos Gage on Twitter. "Sigh iFanboy has been good to me & they can write what they like[...]

Ten Questions With Christos Gage

Marvel tells you a crossover is coming and what it’s about, and if you want to participate it’s totally your call.  The nature of INITIATIVE, being sort of a superhuman army that responds to crises, made it very easy and natural to tie in to events.  That’s what they do.  So it[...]

Avengers Academy Gets Fear Itselfed From June

I'm not sure how many we'll bother with but the first is that Avengers Academy desperately looking for a sales bump will start a Fear Itself crossover that will contribute Speedball's role in Christos Gage-written Fear Itself: Home Front.Gage is quoted as saying; It got me thinking about how those who fight wars tend to be[...]