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The Panels From Batman Inc #3 That May Have Been The Issue
Little Bleeder Doc Hurt writes with the accompanied shots from Batman Inc #3, to be held at comic stores tomorrow for a month due to concerns regarding sensitivity The second image below is likely to be more of a spoiler He writes; Batman INC got delayed over sensitivity issues Most retailers got the book today and[...]
Fun And Frolics With The Continuity Of Batman Inc
But Batman Inc is a different matter. Continuing, both with the Leviathan one shot, and now in the new Second Wave series, it does rather seem to have ignored than any relaunch may have happened in the other Batbooks. Which is why in Leviathan Strikes!, we had Stephanie Brown returning as Batgirl, where she seems never to[...]
So Who Was That Unmasked Man In Batman Inc. #4?
Recently he won the Comic Book Alliance auction for £1,127 to appear in Batman Inc #4, thanks to DC Comics and Grant Morrison Which came out on Wednesday He had the choice to attack Batman or be saved by him, and Aldrin decided to play the victim And here he is, drawn by Chris Burnham. Looks[...]
A Comic Show: Katie Couric's Vomit
BATMAN: RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE 6 GRANT MORRISON! The timestream's time slips made this book late, but BATMAN INC will fix the continuum and the economy next week! See how he came back to be in Batman & Robin 16! #2 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 648 DAN SLOTT! NO LONGER THREE TIMES A WEEK![...]