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The Legacy of the Batpenis in Next Week's Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker #3
This leads to a scene that's eerily reminiscent of one from a rival publisher… Of course, we're talking about the infamous Batpenis scene that appeared in Batman Damned #1 Specifically, Dark Starhawk's shadowy nether regions remind us of the censored version released on ComiXology, pushing the exposed-in-print Batpenis back into the darkness. If not for the controversy[...]
Constantine and Batman Team Up in January; Will Everyone Keep Their Pants On?
Of course, we're talking about the reveal of the Batpenis, which spawned a thousand Bleeding Cool articles and brought the hammer of censorship down on DC's Black Label line, at least according to reports from Bleeding Cool's own Rumourmonger-in-Chief, Rich Johnston. And now, these two will team up once more in Batman #63 Will Tom King[...]