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Risso, Albuquerque, Templesmith And Bengal Lead An International Collection Of Contributors To Hugo Broyler Graphic Novel Kickstarter
We then broadened the global network further to friends and peers in France, Italy, Brazil, and the US, with pieces being contributed by fan-favorites such as Bengal (Batgirl, Naja), Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night, Wormwood, Squidder), Zach Howard (Wild Blue Yonder, The Cape), Djet (Poet Anderson), Matteo De Longis (VOX), Francisco Ruiz Velasco (Pacific Rim, Hellboy), Nathan Fox (DMZ, Haunt, Blue[...]
SDCC '15: Magnetic Press Studio Discusses Current And Upcoming Releases
In year two, Kennedy stated they have planned 35 releases. Joining Kennedy to discuss current and upcoming releases included Tom Delonge (Blink-182, Angels & Airwaves, Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker); Ben Kull (Father of the Pride, The Oblongs); Suzanne Young (The Remedy); Tony Sandoval (Doomboy, A Glance Backward); Pierre Paquet (A Glance Backward); Bengal (Batgirl, Naja);[...]
Bengal Is The New Wolverine Artist For X-23?
This is an image posted on Facebook by the French artist Bengal, and picked up by French site Comics Place before it would be taken down Bengal, recently working on Batgirl, has some new work from Marvel, including this variant cover for Siege. Could Bengal be the new artist in Wolverine, starring X-23 in the role?[...]
Batgirl: Endgame #1 Is An Expressive Work Of Art
From DC Comics, written by Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher, with art and colors by Bengal, Batgirl: Endgame #1 is perfect I don't use that word very often, but the simplicity of the way this comic is done hits home for me The story is entitled, "The Battle for the Burnside Bridge," and it is[...]