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IDW Announces Bernie Wrightson Artifact Edition
Joshua Stone reports from Wonder Con that IDW will be releasing a Bernie Wrightson Artifact Edition The announcement was made by a near tearful Scott Dunbier Bernie Wrightson, a comic legend, was the co-creator of Swamp Thing and is known for his work on Heavy Metal, Frankenstein and pretty much setting the bar for horror[...]
The Comics Industry Remembers Bernie Wrightson
We learnt late last night that master illustrator and comics creator, Bernie Wrightson, had passed away Those who were touched by his work in and around comics have been sharing their memories, experiences and condolences Here are just a few. Learned of the brilliant Bernie Wrightson's passing while I sit here working on a Swamp Thing[...]
Comic Legend Bernie Wrightson Has Passed Away
Legendary comic artist Bernie Wrightson has passed away His wife Liz posted the news on his Facebook page just moments ago Bernie had been fighting brain cancer, recently having surgery and he was forced to retire from comics Bernie may be known as an incredible artist, but he was an incredible person as well The[...]
Legendary Comic Artist Bernie Wrightson Retires From Drawing
About an hour ago, legendary comic artist Bernie Wrightson announced his retirement due to needing to focus on his health Bernie has worked for the majority of comic publisher over his career but may be best known for his time on Swamp Thing or his work on Frankenstein His wife Liz posted to his facebook[...]
Len Wein Talks About How Swamp Thing Has Changed Over 40 Years
Writer Len Wein has returned to Swamp Thing recently, a character he co-created with Bernie Wrightson over 40 years ago With a couple issue done, the writer sat down with Tiffany Smith of DC All-Access to talk about how the character is and isn't different from when he started and why he's bringing in so[...]
10 Batman Stories You've Never Read
It includes Jim Starlin and Bernie Wrightson's The Cult… so it has to be good. [youtube][/youtube] That's not my title… that's the title for the DC All-Access video showcasing 10 lesser known but very good Batman stories that they did for Batman Day Though not only had I heard of most of these, I have read[...]
10 Years In The Making, Swampmen: Muck-Monsters And Their Makers
It also features creators like: Bernie Wrightson, Alan Moore, Mike Ploog, Len Wein, Frank Brunner, Steve Gerber, Stephen R Bissette, Rick Veitch, Gerry Conway, Val Mayerik, Roy Thomas and more. Swampmen is a 192-page trade paperback with a Frank Cho cover and can be ordered now through Previews at your local comic shop It can be[...]
Four Color Roots Part 5: A Misspent Youth At Early '90s Comic Cons
This, after all, was the man who'd put Batman through psychic and physical ordeals rivaled only by Jim Starlin and Bernie Wrightson's lurid, psychedelic Batman: The Cult, or the grim vistas hinted at in The Dark Knight Returns, which I was only just beginning to, in the spacy sci-fi parlance of some of Moench's strangest,[...]
Comic Artist Bernie Wrightson Hospitalized – Updated
Comics legend Bernie Wrightson was taken to hospital today after a series of small strokes According to his wife, Liz, tests are being done and surgery is possible but his cognition and spirits are good On her facebook page she stated: "Overall he is okay, as we got him to the hospital FAST Send good[...]
Steve Niles House Flooded – Paypal Account Set Up To Help
Horror Master Steve Niles moved to Austin Texas about a year back where he could continue his Friday night Scrabble sessions with Legendary artist Bernie Wrightson Last night a storm passed through the area and flooded his house Word is that Steve, Monica and all the animals are fine – Gil the turtle was in[...]