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Sailing Era Officially Launches On Multiple PC Platforms
Indie developer GY Games and publisher Bilibili have officially released their latest game, Sailing Era, onto several PC platforms The game will take you back to the golden age of exploration and pirating as you will be darting off to various locations around the Pacific islands, North Africa, and many points in between Head off[...]
Three-Body Problem: Animated Series Makes China Debut, Beats Netflix
The animated TV series of Liu Cixin's epic Science Fiction series The Three-Body Problem has premiered on the Chinese animation streaming service BiliBili this weekend as well as on YouTube Called The Three-Body Animation, the series beat out the live-action Chinese TV series and upcoming Netflix version to broadcast. "The Three-Body Animation" poster art: Bilibili The Three-Body[...]
Higan: Eruthyll Will Be Released For Mobile In Early 2023
Mobile publisher BiliBili has announced that Higan: Eruthyll will be coming to both iOS and Android sometime in Q1 2023 Being hyped as the first mobile game to be fully developed in-house by their own team and not publishing another company's title, this one will be a 3D RTS action game with RPG mechanics married[...]
The Three-Body Problem: Chinese Animated Series Premieres Dec 3rd?
There's the Netflix version from Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss, the Chinese TV version produced by Tencent that's allegedly completed but still not broadcast despite an announcement months ago that it would premiere in September & there's an animated version from Bilibili that's apparently going to premiere on December 3rd. "The Three-Body Problem" key[...]
WebComic Spam Bots Are "Riveting And Full Of Surprises"
They all link to a digital comic book publisher called BiliBili Comics, a Singapore digital manga webtoon comic book publisher who has clearly found a new way to market themselves that is "like a roller coaster of emotion It's riveting and full of surprises!" Or that's what all these clearly independent posts from accounts with[...]
Auto Draft
Bilibili and indie developer Team Soda have officially released their latest action game Soda Crisis onto PC via Steam today Made by the same team who created Snake Force, this game will equip you with a bunch of high-tech gear and marry it with some fast-paced expert combat skills which will give you the abilities[...]
A Mobile Version Of Fall Guys Is Being Developed For China
Daniel Ahmad reported on Twitter that "Chinese games and entertainment company Bilibili has secured the rights to publish a mobile version of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout in China." Imagine all of the competition in China on mobile! Courtesy of Devolver Digital. Included with his report was a trailer and screenshots of the game in what is probably[...]