Yes, The Pizza Planet Truck Is In Brave, And That's Not All

One such recurring Easter Egg is the Pizza Planet truck, as first featured in Toy Story.There's been some speculation as to whether or not this truck will appear in Brave, it being a period picture set in a Scotland of some not-entirely-distinct-but-seriously-pre-motor-vehicles past.Well, I can tell it will be appearing And that's not the only[...]

Splendid New Japanese Trailer And Poster For Brave

The Japanese trailer for Brave features lots of new footage, hints of several new plot elements, and some really breathtaking shots Their new poster is nothing to be sniffed at either And.. judging from these, it seems that film is being called Merida in Japan.That promo seems to confirm a number of rumours about the[...]

Behind The Scenes Of Pixar's Brave – Swords, Kilts And A Nice Lie Down

The making of Pixar's Brave seems to have involved some lovely field trips, a bit of sword fighting and archery practice, and having a nice bowl of cheerios while wearing a kilt I'm sure there were also some heated discussions in the sweatbox, a lot of hunching over computer monitors and several fiery sessions during[...]

First Scene From Pixar's Brave (Though They're Calling It A Trailer)

Now we've got quite a good idea of how Pixar's Brave will look and feel - not to mention how good Merida is at archery and how to pronounce her name.This is a most unusual edit for something they're calling a trailer - but, boy, it's a cracker Now we've got quite a good[...]

Characters Revealed (And Re-Revealed) On Pixar Brave Game Cards

Some of these images we've seen before, most we have not. What is particularly interesting is the inclusion of "Young" versions of the Lords, suggesting either flashback sequences or some kind of de-aging magic. UPDATE: Or just younger characters. They're the sons, not the same people. I'm going to blame this memory lapse on the […]

Pixar's Brave Concept Art And Sculptures – Images And Video

They're in the midst of a changeover right now, as while the signage still tells visitors to expect Winnie the Pooh and Cars 2 works inside, they've already brought out the pictures and sculptures for Pixar's summer movie, Brave.Denise of Mouse Steps stopped by the exhibit, camera in hand, and has reported back with images[...]

Super Hi-Res Images From Pixar's Brave And Tim Burton's Frankenweenie

How can this be so small and rubbery...?Ah, the magic of the movies.And here's a fair sized picture from Pixar's Brave, the Lamp Camp's first non-sequel in quite some time Shoot straight, Pixar We've got our fingers crossed for you.(By the way, I invented "Lamp Camp" as an Emeryville alternative to Mouse House, the popular[...]

Disney Pixar Said To Be Having Legal Spat With Atlanta Baseball Team

Once it was being called The Bear and the Bow, but now it is Brave, and that's pretty close to Braves, as in The Atlanta Braves.StitchKingdom point out that: Trademarks are specific to their singular and plural forms and the Braves do not possess any trademarks for the word Brave (only Braves).. [but] the organization believes[...]

It's Here! New Trailer For Pixar's Brave

They've recently been teasing us with images from their new animated film Brave, but now Pixar have finally released the new trailer for the film, a sort of fairy tale about a rebellious princess called Merida who screws the pooch in her quest for independence and subsequently plunges her entire kingdom into a chaos that she[...]

Pixar's Brave – LOTS Of New Images And Details (UPDATED)

Ahead of the new trailer for Pixar's Brave, which will be released tomorrow, there's a preview piece and new image online.The picture could be bigger and clearer, and I'll have to update if I find a better version, but here's what we have now:So that's Queen Elinor, King Fergus, Princess Merida and triplet Princes[...]

There's A Lot More To D23 Than The Avengers

Or even the second most exciting thing.Other films being presented on the Saturday will include John Carter, Brave, Oz The Great and Powerful, The Muppets, Wreck-it Ralph and Frankenweenie Several folk will appear to support these pictures, from big-shot movie stars like Willem Defoe, Kermit the Frog and Sarah Silverman to an entire boat load[...]

Another Moody Image From Pixar's Brave

Disney have issued yet another image from Pixar's Brave Even though we only get his foot, this is the best image of the bear yet Of course, you get a look at his face in the trailer, though you'd probably want to pause it for a good scry.Anybody else suddenly fancy a sugary almond pastry?[...]

Nice New Image Of Pixar's Princess Merida, Interesting German Logo

In Germany, it seems that Pixar's Brave will be known as Merida - Legende der Highlands I can swing with that It's similar to how Tangled remained Raiponce in France, for example.Note: the image at the head of the post is a hi-res version of one appearing in this week's Entertainment Weekly Thanks to Stitch[...]

Official Site For Pixar's Brave Launches, Rocks Out On Bagpipes

What music could possibly play on the official site for Pixar's Scotland-set folktale, Brave? Why, it's none other than Scotland the Brave Of course.The film's score is going to be composed by Patrick Doyle - his first Pixar gig, and he'll only be the fourth composer to score one of their features I'm not expecting[...]

Four Character Images From Pixars Brave (And Sort Of A Fifth)- UPDATED

Here are four of the characters from Pixar's Brave: Princess Merida, Queen Elinor, The Wise Woman and Lord MacIntosh They will be voiced by Kelly MacDonald, Emma Thompson, Julie Walters and Craig Ferguson respectively.UPDATE: Images removed at request of Pixar.Wow Great.And here, I think is a fifth character This is The Bear, as in The[...]

Official Poster For Pixar's Brave (And What's This About John Carter Of Mars?)

Everything I said earlier still stands, we've just now got a nice, high quality version of the poster direct from Disney.The attached press information credits Brave director Mark Andrews as being a writer on John Carter of Mars Not just John Carter All change again? Makes sense of the M-glyph, anyway.I'll ask Disney in the[...]