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How The Justice League Are Helping Kids Fight Cancer In Brazil
Like this Brazilian project from Warner Bros, JWT and the A.C.Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo, Brazil. Covers for intravenous bags for children undergoing cancer treatment, created based on the Justice League, dubbed the Superformula A new look to the hospital's Children's Ward, transformed into a Hall Of Justice. And a bunch of exclusive DC Comics to[...]
A Brazilian Sleeping Beauty
Paula Mastroberti is a Brazilian comic book creator with a new graphic novel planned of her own for next year Adormecida: cem anos para sempre is a reinvention of the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, from  8INVERSO Graphics. The book tells the story of a wandering prince that sees himself lost in the desert and decides to[...]
When Brazilian Creators Working For American Publishers Set Up On Their Own…
But what comic books would these creators make without American publishers? Supernova Productions is a group of Brazilian comic book artists developing their own characters for free digital books, and on-demand print comics, published in Portugeuse and English, with Spanish and French to follow. They are Jack Herbert (Kirby Genesis), Geraldo Borges (Cry For Justice), JP Mayer[...]
Mauricio De Sousa's First Graphic Novel
After a long development, Brazil's Mauricio de Sousa Productions have put out its first original graphic novel, through Panini By Danilo Beyruth, these ate the same people being Monica's Gang, Brazil's best selling comic Though this is aimed an an older audience… More are on the way, includng a graphic novel from Vitor Cafaggi, of the[...]
Frank Miller Running For Council. In Brazil.
Now we have Frank Miller running for Vereador in Sao Paulo in Brazil Basically, that's a town councilman. "Something tells me to stop with the town I don't listen to it…"   We've had Paul Ryan running for Vice President of the USA Now we have Frank Miller running for Vereador in Sao Paulo in Brazil[...]
The Brazilian Superman Running For Office
There are many political parties who fight elections in Brazil Sometimes, lesser-known candidates choose weird and wonderful aliases to stand out from their competition. Take Ewerson Alves da Silva He has closen the alias of Clark Crente, with "crente" meaning believer in Portugeuse and usually used as slang for a Protestant Christian So not only does[...]
Brazil To Boycott Green Lantern?
One Brazilian blog which has previously shown a rather homophobic view of the recent gay marriage plotline in comic books, is claiming that there will be a retailer boycott of Green Lantern products in the country, Specifically citing Fantastico, a Brazilian TV show that reported the story as the main Green Lantern being gay, alongside shots[...]
The Avenger – A New Burger For Brazil
In Brazil, a fast food restaurant called Habib has beaten the likes of MacDonalds and Burger King to closing a deal with Marvel/Disney for a new hamburger named Avenger That's a 200g beef burger patty, egg, bacon, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise, cheese, special sauce and sesame-seed bun for 11.90R which is about five pounds or seven[...]
BBC Jumps On Brazilian Batman
BBC News has run a piece on the Brazilian Batman Or rather, André Luiz Pinheiroan ex-soldier recruited by the Brazilian military police to help out in areas of high crime, while dressed as Batman Bleeding Cool was the first to report this story in English. The piece plays down any action that the individual will have,[...]
The Brazilian Military Police Recruit Batman. Seriously.
I don't know if they used a Bat Signal or not. But Brazilian military police in Taubaté have invited retired soldier André Luiz Pinheiro, aged 50, known for dressing as Batman, to help pacify city neighbourhoods suffering high crime levels. What exactly Batman Taubaté will do, will be decided at a meeting tomorrow between Pinheiro and Major[...]
The Biggest Comic Convention In America… Is In South America?
The FIQ – International Comic Book Festival, held in Belo Horizonte, Brazil last month is the largest comic convention in the American continents With 148,000 beating San Diego's capped 130,000 attendees. It may pale against the likes of Japan's Comiket and France's Angouleme, but it's a lot closer for the average American than either of those[...]
That Brazilian Marvel Panel On Video… Including Iron Fist Hint Hint
There may have been a hundred and fifty thousand people at Brazil's FIQ Comic Con but at the time of writing, only twelve have seen this video of the Marvel panel since it was uploaded two days ago I think we can do something about that. The clip above sees CB Cebulski and Matt Fraction talking[...]
Leinil Yu To Draw Avenging Spider-Man #5
CB Cebulski of Marvel announced it last week at the massive Brazilian comic convention FiQ, with MArvel attendance including Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick As well as telling people that The Defenders will see individual issues focus on individual characters, with issue 4 focusing on Doctor Strange, issue five on Namor, with art by Mitch[...]
This Is What A Half-Million-Selling American Comic Book Looks Like
When you have something like Teen Monica's Gang being printed in Brazil Issue 34 here, united two popular characters in a kiss, and added 100,000 sales, bringing it to a total of 500,000. The comic sold out Normally it only sells 400,000… Why do I care? Because it's one of the bigger publishers in the USA making[...]
Brazilian Super Hero Disco In The Seventies
It's Sunday, the sun is shining (in London anyway), what better opportunity to sit back with a glass of Pimms and watch some nineteen seventies disco dancing in Brazil featuring attempts to recreate famous superheroes Spider-Man's attempt is particularly poor but Batman gets extra points for being the first to start getting down. [youtube][/youtube] [...]