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Now It's Time For The Brazilian Batman Potty Mouth
We're all aware of the infamous Batman Pottymouth incident that got worldwide coverage, mocked on late night talk shows and cost editor Bob Schreck his job. Well a scene reminiscent of that has been playing out in Brazil this month, courtesy of publisher Panini. A Batman reprint comic is burning through the Grant Morrison issues of Batman[...]
Melinda Gebbie, Kevin O'Neill And More At Rio Comicon (VIDEO)
Here's a video report of the Rio Comicon held this weekend, from Brazil's Globo News. var midiaEmbed = { midiaId:1374401, autoStart: false }; var embed = new GMCEmbed(midiaEmbed); embed.print (); Kevin O'Neill talks about not being inclined to use the phrase graphic novel, over the simple word comics, the British approach to irony in[...]
Laerte Coutinho Comes Out As Transvestite
One of Brazil's biggest cartoonists, Laerte Coutinho, has come out as a crossdresser rather publicly – on the upcoming cover of Brazil's celebrity pop culture magazine Bravo. In an interviews he says he usually dresses and wears makeup in this fashion, and his family have got used to it But this is certainly a new look[...]
Little Lulu Becomes Brazilian Manga Teen Lulu
Little Lulu is being reinvented in an manga style for the Brazilian market. Little Lulu was a comic strip character invented by Marjorie Henderson Buell in 1935 for a series of comic gag panels that ran until the end of 1944 Revived to sell tissues in advertising campaign, Little Lulu returned as a comic strip in[...]