Brian Stelfreeze

Preview: Robert Kirkman Marc Silvestri And Brian Stelfreezes Hardcore

Preview: Robert Kirkman, Marc Silvestri And Brian Stelfreeze's Hardcore

Which means it is going to arrive to many as a complete surprise - if they get it at all.This is Hardcore, the new/old comic created by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and Marc Silvestri, written by Kirkman and drawn by Brian Stelfreeze, from a time before the TV show when Kirkman still did this[...]

The Mark Waid Signing In Vermont That Never Was… Or Was It?

The first year was all about establishing ourselves and just making it by, the second year we were actually starting to make a profit, and then shortly after our second anniversary the industry and the “downtown” for Winooski, Vermont both took a dramatic nosedive simultaneously.  Despite all of the ups-and-downs, though, it was a great[...]