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Castle Of Horror: The Monster Grows Up In Bride Of Frankenstein
This week we continue our Frankenstein retrospective– we're covering SIX Frankenstein films; three classic Universal pictures, three sexy, swinging-60s color pictures from Hammer Studios. This time it's Bride of Frankenstein, directed by James Whale The production is bigger, with more music and spectacle and a slightly revamped monster. Boris Karloff is bigger and a little angrier, but he also gives us[...]
Writer Of Bride Of Frankenstein Talks About Her Place In The Universal Monster Universe
The horror franchise will bring together all of the classic monsters that Universal made popular all those decades ago. One such character will be Bride of Frankenstein, who is being revived for the universe The script is written by David Koepp and he recently spoke to Collider about it He seemed really enthusiastic about it and its themes too[...]
Mark Wheatley's Bride To Help Clydene Nee
And right now, my watercolor portrait of Elsa Lanchester as the Bride of Frankenstein is up for grabs The minimum bid is far lower than I charge for these paintings Bid now and save hundreds of dollars And help a lovely lady at the same time! Thanks! [...]
Booze Geek – Frankenlager And Bride Of Frankenstein
Obviously there is literary classic by Mary Shelley and the iconic Universal Pictures adaptations, of which I think Bride of Frankenstein is the superior picture. However, with the Frankenstein name in the public domain, barring the Universal depiction, you have even more options, ranging from DC's Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E., Toho's Frankenstein Conquers the World, Bernie[...]
Now Is The Time To Buy The Universal Classic Monsters Blu-ray Set
A much greater saving than 40%. The box set contains the following eight films and a number of really great special features, including a Spanish version of Dracula. Dracula (1931) Frankenstein (1931) The Mummy (1932) The Invisible Man (1933) The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) The Wolf Man (1941) Phantom of the Opera (1943) Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954) This set is incredibly easy to[...]