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Britannia Pits The Supernatural Against The Ancient World's First Detective
Peter Milligan (X-Men) and Juan Jose Ryp (Ninjak) continue their new Valiant series Britannia. Dispatched to the remote outpost of Britannia by Rome's highest power, the ancient world's first detective – veteran legionary Antonius Axia – has found himself on a horrifying journey that will challenge everything he knows about death, destiny, and the limits of[...]
Roman Empire Era Detective Series – First Look Inside Britannia
At the height of Nero's reign, a veteran of Rome's imperial war machine has been dispatched to the farthest reaches of the colonies to investigate unnatural happenings… In the remote outpost of Britannia, Antonius Axia – the First Detective – will become Rome's only hope to reassert control over the empire's most barbaric frontier…and keep[...]
Milligan and Ryp's Britannia Tells A Mystery On The Edges Of The Roman Empire
Part of the Future of Valiant initiative involves a new series by writer Peter Milligan (X-Static) and artist Juan Jose Ryp (Ninjak) called Britannia It follows a decorated legionnaire who investigates reports of unnatural happenings at the farthest reaches of the Roman Empire, Britannia In the time of Nero's rule, Antonius Axia – the world's[...]
Our First Look At Valiant's Britannia
The Free Comic Book Day volume by Valiant for May 7th leads into their 4001AD crossover event, Divinity II, Archer & Armstrong and a great double page spread of the state of the Valiant Universe right now. And then hits with the teases. Such as our first, best look at the much-teased new series Britannia, with a promised[...]
Britannia, A Brand New Comic From Valiant For 2016
In a recent podcast with the Valiant big boss Dinesh Shamdasani, he announced an upcoming new comic book from the publisher called Britannia, saying that Valiant were are as excited by this as much as they were the smash hit Divinity. Britannia was the Roman term for Great Britain, and also the female personification of the land as a[...]