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Robert Downey Jr Says Sherlock Holmes 3 Is Filming This Year
stepped into the role of the world's greatest detective he has played Tony Stark three times (Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War) and that was just in five years Now the star is talking to Shortlist about returning to the world of Sherlock Holmes and when that might happen. We're talking about[...]
Funko Takes POP! Vinyl's To A Whole New Level With The Captain America: Civil War Box
I admired both designs then, but wasn't expecting the Captain America: Civil War box to include something even better. [WARNING: SPOILERS FOR CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR MARVEL COLLECTOR CORPS BOX!] Yep, that's right…Captain America and Iron Man ready to destroy each other While both of these characters already exist in POP! Vinyl form, this is a whole new[...]
Tom Holland Learned He Was Spider-Man On The Internet
Tom Holland may be quite young, but he comes across very professionally in his Captain America: Civil War red carpet interview from the Marvel live stream The newest person to play the role of Spider-Man admitted he was nervous starting out and even asked his former co-star Chris Hemsworth to put in a good word[...]
Captain America: Civil War B-Roll Shows Behind The Action
Like the scene we've seen in the Captain America: Civil War trailer where The Winter Soldier has leaped out of a building and we see as he is speeding towards the ground like we are falling right behind him That's because there was a camera man actually leaping behind the stunt man when it was[...]
Black Panther Now A Hot Toys 1/6th Scale Figure
Part of the Captain America: Civil War set, the figure is over 12-inches tall and comes with six interchangeable hands and a stand This particular character doesn't use a lot of accessories so he doesn't come with a lot of extras, but it looks like they put a lot of care into making the costume[...]
The Women Of Civil War Take Sides
In this new featurette for Captain America: Civil War, actresses Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Emily Vancamp (Agent 13) and Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) talk about the film, their roles in it and the fact that they are in good company. Captain America: Civil War will be in theater May 6th. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Hot Toys Releases Images For New Falcon 1/6th Scale Figure
Hot Toys has released images of their new Captain America: Civil War version of The Falcon 1/6th scale figure The new sculpt and paint reflect the changes in his wing suit that we first saw at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron that included adding the familiar red and white that the comic version[...]
New Hot Toys Hawkeye Figure Comes With A Friend
Hot Toys has released images for their new Hawkeye 1/6th scale figure fro Marvel's Captain America: Civil War The figure is interesting in a couple ways Not only does it show us that Clint Barton has ditched the coat from Avengers: Age of Ultron, but the accessories come with a knife, a gun and an[...]
Marvel Releases High Res Character Images For Captain America: Civil War
Marvel has released a gallery of high-res images for the characters appearing in Captain America: Civil War These include good looks at the new Ant-Man costume, Agent-13 in gear and of course Black Panther These are the type of images that later end up being part of sticker collections or Fat Heads And maybe it's[...]
Here Is The Captain America: Civil War Superbowl Trailer
Here is the Captain America: Civil War Superbowl trailer Lots of new footage, but no huge new revelations Short, perhaps sweet? Still, nice to see it is coming along It really isn't that long until we get to the film now, with less than four months until it graces cinemas That's come around quick!   Take a look: can't[...]