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Remembering Carmine
Yet for someone who I'd place alongside Kirby, Ditko, and Steranko as the greatest of Silver Age artists – and who, in my opinion, was the best artist DC had seen after Dick Sprang – the number of attendees at the Carmine Infantino Tribute Panel was disappointingly small, especially considering that Carmine had just passed[...]
Nineteen San Diego Comic Con Panels In Audio As Well As The Eisner Awards
Eric talked about Kim championing some artists, including Jason which he wasn't convinced would do so well. [audio:] Carmine Infantino Tribute (49:22, 45.1mb) On the panel were Jon B, Cooke, Elliot S! Maggin, Paul Levitz, Martin Pasko and moderating the panel was J David Spurlock Carmine Infantino was a long time extremely important artist, editor and publisher, much[...]
Legendary Comic Book Artist, Former DC Comics Publisher Carmine Infantino Dies
David Spurlock has reported on his facebook page that comic book legend Carmine Infantino has died today at age 87 Spurlock was a close friend of Infantino's and author of the book The Amazing World of Carmine Infantino. Infantino was born in 1925 in Brooklyn, attending the School of Industrial Art in Manhattan His earliest comic[...]
Wednesday Trending Topics: The Case Of The Disappearing Flash
Take the case of the page fragment shown below: It's part of a Carmine Infantino Flash story drawn in 1949, which was written off and slated to be destroyed by DC after his titles had been cancelled in the waning days of the Golden Age  Fortunately, the crafty staffer who was told to do the[...]