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Revealing The Names Of Marvel's Children Of The Atom
Whether that's Pokémon GO, Children Of The Atom, American Horror Story, or more, the Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Daily LITG: Pokémon GO, Children Of The Atom and American Horror Story – the[...]
Revealing The Names Of Marvel's Children Of The Atom
The long-delayed, rewritten and redrawn Children Of The Atom by Vita Ayala and Bernard Chang debuts this week from Marvel Comics And in the manner of the Young Avengers, features a cast of characters who all resemble more familiar X-Men characters But as with Young Avengers, the origins of each are somewhat different But who[...]
PrintWatch: Amazing Spider-Man #55 Gets A Third Webhead Printing
Where supply and demand and most accurately reflected, where you can see which books are hot, where new orders are coming in and how retailers are reacting to new, unanticipated desire! And courtesy of stats from Diamond Comic Distributors. Children Of The Atom and Amazing Spider-Man Top Advance Reorders Where we see Amazing Spider-Man bumping up its[...]
Marvel's Voices #1 – First Appearances Of The Children Of The Atom
Published in February 2020 with creators Geoffrey Thorne, Brandon Montclare, James Iglehart, Rob Markman, Luciano Vecchio, Jj Kirby, Jahnoy Lindsay, Brian Stelfreeze, the X-Men/Wakanda race rivalry story by Vita Ayala and Bernard Chang has gained a little attention of late. Marvel's Voices #1 by Vita Ayala and Bernard Chang Which ends with Forge meeting his fans. Marvel's Voices[...]
Marvel's Children Of The Atom #1 Delayed Until March 2021 (PREVIEW)
Back in January 2020, Marvel Comics teased a new comic, Children Of The Atom, to be launching as part of the X-Men books ahead of the X Of Swords crossover From Vita Ayala and Bernard Chang, Marvel put a lot into it but it was ridiculed by some corners of the internet for having teenage[...]
Children Of The Atom Scheduled For January, Off The Marvel MIA List
Originally scheduled earlier in the year, Children Of The Atom is a new Dawn Of X series by writer Vita Ayala and Bernard Chang now rescheduled for this January. As the latest title to explore the new era of mutantkind following Jonathan Hickman's House of X, CHILDREN OF THE ATOM will introduce a brand-new team of[...]
Children of the Atom, a New Dawn of X Comic Coming in April
All we know is that the comic will be called Children of the Atom, and features the following cover with Angel, Cyclops, Gambit, Nightcrawler, and Jean Grey We can also tell by the signature that R.B Silva drew the cover, though whether or not he will draw interiors is unknown. As far as a creative team,[...]