VIDEO: A Clip From The Diary Of Anne Frankenstein

The horror comedy anthology Chillerama is a mixed bag - such is the nature of anthologies The best installment, I think, is Adam Green's remarkable The Diary of Anne Frankenstein I've seen it four times now and have been more taken with it every time.In this clip you'll see Adolf Hitler discover the diary of[...]

Adam Green And Joe Lynch Explain Chillerama – A Love Letter To A Century Of Cinema

I've seen the horror anthology Chillerama twice now, once at Comic Con and then last weekend at Frightfest One of the installments, Adam Green's The Diary of Anne Frankenstein was also screened at Frightfest last year, so I've seen that little blighter three times Luckily, it's something remarkable - an absurdist assault on Hitler by[...]

Chillerama And The Knights Of Badassdom – A Joe Lynch Pawprints Special

Showing in its entirety will be Chillerama, an anthology horror picture which teams Lynch with Adam Green, Tim Sullivan and Adam Rifkin Each has directed a short horror picture in a different style, and paying homage to a different era of drive-in schlocker.The stars of this poster are caricatures of the four directors.Each director is[...]

First Official Image From Chillerama's Zom-B-Movie Takes Us To The Last Drive-In

Coming later this year is the anthology picture, Chillerama Each of its four segments will be a B-movie pastiche, largely played for dark and booming laughs I saw a 95% completed version of one chapter, Adam Green's The Diary of Anne Frankenstein, at Frightfest last Autumn, and really rather liked it.The other three chapters will[...]