chris ware

Why You Must Destroy Chris Ware's Latest Print For November

Chris Ware's Building Stories from Pantheon is a much anticipated, massive comic dedicated to our city dwelling follies. Which is why I now have to also buy the cut-out-and-assemble version. And then do as it instructs. The Multi-Story Buliding Model – Chris Ware Portfolio is signed limited edition thirteen sheet print that encourages you to destroy […]

Digital Delights – Peter Bishop Writes Fringe

BishopDelight: Fringe is returning to American screens (and torrent lists everywhere else) this month. And Joshua Jackson, who plays Peter Bishop on the show, has written a comic book for DC, only being released digitally, for 99 cents… FacebookDelight: Graphic.Ly have launched a Facebook app so creators and publishers to embed a comic on a […]

Chimo by David Collier – The Asterios Polyp Of 2011?

Chino is the first graphic novel by Canadian cartoonist David Collier and is an autobiographical account of his decision and experioence re-enlisting in the Canadian army and serving in Afghanistan. Chris Ware has been very kind about the book; "Chimo is an idiosyncratic, compelling and hilarious musing-in-comics that I couldn't put down. Seemingly a quirky […]

The BBC Give Us Good Grief With The Story Of Peanuts

Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 yesterday morning, Good Grief: The Story of Peanuts is now available via the iPlayer – and, in theory at least, it's accessible worldwide. A 30-minute audio documentary on Charles Schulz's world-beating strip and, to a large extent, Schulz himself, the show features contributions from Chris Ware, Russell T. Davies and […]