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Dark Circle Previews The Shield #1
The series is being written by Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig with art by Drew Johnson, Rachel Deering and Kelly Fitzpatrick. THE SHIELD #1 –  "Daughter of the Revolution, Part 1" Since the dawn of the republic, whenever her country faces its blackest days, she returns: a spirit of the revolution sent to fight for what[...]
NYCC '15: New Star Wars Novels Announced At Star Wars Now Panel
Shipping in 2016. Chuck Wendig will be writing the second and third novels in the Aftermath trilogy entitled Life Debt and Empire's End. Alan Dean Foster will be writing a story featuring an alien character from The Force Awakens for Star Wars Insider #162. Landry Walker is doing Tales From A Galaxy Far Far Away, High Noon on[...]
Star Wars Aftermath: The Expanded Universe Will Not Go Quietly
By Spencer Ellsworth "Force Friday" came and went this last week, giving us a host of amazing Star Wars toys, and therefore an empty wallet for me. It also gave us the first licensed post-Return of the Jedi novel, Chuck Wendig's Aftermath, since Disney retconned the Expanded Universe in 2014 Lest you missed it, the years of[...]
Haunted Futures With Warren Ellis, Richard Kadrey, John Reppion And Chuck Wendig
Many of them have written for comics, including Warren Ellis, Richard Kadrey, John Reppion and Chuck Wendig Also, so far we have commitments from Liesel Schwwartz and Seanan McGuire We'll round it out with great stories by newer writers We also plan to have the book illustrated by John Coulthart, an amazing British artist who[...]