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Regal Cinema Chain to Close All U.S. Theaters In Coronavirus Crisis
Other chains like AMC and Cinemark will probably follow suit shortly Much of Europe and parts of Asia have already closed their cinemas to curb the spread of the coronavirus 70,000 theaters in China have been closed since the Chinese New Year On Monday, the AMC chain declared a policy of limiting people to less[...]
Five Film Predictions for 2020, That Are Sure to be Wrong
AMC, Cinemark, Regal- one of them will sell to a competitor this year A merger seems almost inevitable anyway, as Disney strangles more and more screens and more and more money from these companies month after month. Top Gun, Ghostbusters, Bad Boys, and more franchises will crash and burn Ahh, nostalgia It's a hell of a drug,[...]
Marvel Studios Week: Cinemark XD Offers 11 Films For $5 Each
Superman: Dawn of Justice? Whether it's for one of those reasons or for any of a million more, Cinemark XD has you covered with Marvel Studios XD Week Taking place from August 25-31 at a number of their theaters across the country (go here for theater info), Cinemark XD is giving fans a chance to see[...]